What is stopping you?

There is no perfect time

There will always be a reason not to start.

Common ones
It’s the school holidays – well guess what, there are about 12 weeks of school holidays a year, do you stop all health-related habits during this time? This means you will spend a 1/4 of the year over eating, not sleeping and drinking too much alcohol. No wonder you are not making progress.

I have a birthday party next weekend I’ll start after that – LOL there will always be a birthday

I will start exercising when I’ve lost 5 kg – does this even make sense?

I’ll start on Monday – the most popular – binges on Sunday

I’m sure we have all said most of these.
The thing is you don’t need to go all in the make a step towards improving your health. You can make your next meal a healthy one. You can go to bed earlier tonight. You can choose not to drink any booze this evening. You can go for a nice evening walk. You can eat some more veg with dinner. You can skip the biscuit tin after dinner

You can do this now!!

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