My client recently told me that I don’t sell “me” enough when promoting my business.

She said that she likes working with me (aside from my fab nutrition knowledge) is because I am relatable and I understand most of her challenges as I have been there before.

This led me to think about my health journey and my genetics.

How many people have blamed their size on their genetics? Or said they can’t lose weight because it’s in their genetics?

I am here to tell you that you are right! Well, kind of 🙂🙂

Truth is there are a few different genes that contribute to your chances of being obese. They are different for all.

If having the “fat gene” in your family meant you are destined to be overweight then I would also be overweight. All the females (3) in my immediate family have been or are classed on the BMI scale as morbidly obese. I too have had my challenges with my weight over the years and many times have I blamed genetics for this. I was destined to struggle with weight.

Did the fat gene make me over weight in the first place? It probably contributed. It quite possibly made me a hungrier person (ghrelin hormone); my leptin hormone (satiety) could have been lower than someone without the gene. My metabolism could have been slower and I may store fat in my middle more than someone without the gene, making it harder for me to lose the weight.

However, energy deficit is still king when it comes to fat loss. It may be harder but once you understand creating an energy deficit along with certain behavior and habits changes are the only way then we can be aware it may be harder and it’s a reason but no longer an excuse.

I have been in a healthy weight range for years now but I still fluctuate. I can’t control my genetics but I can control all the other variables such as sleep, food intake, activity level, food quality and hydration. All the factors that actually make a difference.

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