Muscle gain!

Today for the time in my life I will be trying to put on weight on purpose 😊

I am going into a muscle build phase.

I have been weight training for about 3 years now but always trying to lose fat at the same time. I got newbie muscle gains and probably then some whilst being in maintenance for the last year but I am not progressing in my strength, my technique and I have not had a goal.  Its been nice as I’ve been focusing on other stuff but I need some focus with my training now.

I have decided it’s time to grow some muscle, with a focus on my glutes.

My reasons are not just for aesthetic reasons so here are the other reasons

  • I am doing my PT qualification, I want to understand the muscle gain process so I can understand it with experience as well as knowledge to help clients
  • I am going to be 40 in 12 weeks and I want to feel strong AF!
  • It will give me new content away from just fat loss
  • I was not genetically blessed with good glutes so it will be a challenge for me
  • I want to show people that eating more calories does not equal massive weight gain

So how will I do this

  • I am doing a 12 week glute plan (@glutecoach) that are all body workout with a glute focus, this focusses on technique and progressive overload.
  • I will need to eat in a calories surplus.  Not a huge one.  My maintenance is 2150, I will start with a 10% surplus of 2350 and see how that goes
  • I need to get 4-5 protein feedings in over the day with a real focus around my training, to spike muscle protein synthesis, I kind of already do this but I need to be more consistent
  • I need to be getting enough sleep to help recovery
  • I have to be consistent

Contrary to popular belief it takes women a long time to build muscle.  As it’s only a 12 week plan and I am already trained therefore wont get newbie gains I wont see a massive difference aesthetically but I will see progress with my strength. 

I am not going to be focusing on the scales, I may check in every 4 weeks to make sure I am not in a energy deficit and to check my surplus is right.  I will see a weight increase and I have to be ok with this and know that it’s not just fat.  I will take progress pictures at the beginning and each 4 weeks.  

I want to share this experience along the way in the hope of encouraging anyone thinking of doing the same and to show you that eating higher calories is not to be feared.

I cant wait to see my gains!!

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