DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

When you ache like made a day or two after a workout.

I have severe DOMS today which led me to talk about this subject.

I remember constantly chasing this feeling.  It’s not been leg day if you can walk down the stairs, afterwards right?  Wrong!!

What is it?  

Microscopic tears in your muscle fibers from high intensity exercise.  You usual feel it the next day and it can be worse the second day or even the third if it’s really severe.   You usually get it from a new workout where you are using new muscles or from if you are a beginner.

You do not need this feeling to know you have had a good workout, in fact DOMS can hinder you as its likely you won’t be able to work out again to your full potential until you feel better.  Sometime can be so bad that you feel ill with it, like you are getting a cold. 

How to avoid it?

If you are doing a new workout, go easy at first (unlike me) 
Fuel yourself with lots of protein to help with recovery
Sleep – the best thing to help your recovery

What is the best thing to help DOMS?
Not staying still as you will seize up
An ice cold both or a warm bath
A massage is you can handle it. 

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