Its been drilled into us that we need to work out every day.  If we don’t we feel guilty!

Unless you are an athlete training for the Olympics it’s really not necessary.

In fact if you are training for change in body composition then taking rest days is as important as the actual training. 

We lift weights in the gym and create the stimulus on the muscle.

We actually then grow the muscle outside the gym.  First of all with fuel, so eating the right foods to aid the recovery of said muscle.  Then with rest and sleep.  If you are not doing this then you are wasting your time in the gym.

Don’t work through those DOMs by then doing something equally demanding on the same muscles (for example leg day then leg day) 

Signs you are overtraining

  • You are seeing any results
  • You are super tired all the time
  • You have lost your period (girls obvs)
  • You are not sleeping well
  • You get DOMS a hell of a lot
  • You are getting sick a lot

What can you do?  Take at least 2-3 rest days per week, ideally broken up.  Don’t train the same muscle on consecutive days.  Take an extra rest day if you feel you need too, your body will thank you for it.

More training does not equal more gains.

Let’s look after ourselves instead of killing ourselves!

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