Should you track your calories?

I am a big fan of tracking calories but it really doesn’t suit everyone and its certainly not the only way to hit your goals.

I would say half of my clients are doing and half are using other non-tracking methods.

I am currently tracking my calories but not for fat loss reasons.  I am eating in a surplus and I want to make sure it’s consistent and I am hitting my protein target.

Pro’s to tracking calories are

  • Consistency
  • Accountability
  • It can help with structure
  • It can be motivating
  • Learn portion size control
  • It can educate on caloric value of foods

Cons to tracking

  • It is not quite accurate and should be used as a guide
  • It can become obsessive if you let it 
  • Its time consuming initially
  • It doesn’t promote food quality 

It’s a great tool to use during a goal phase.  Tracking should not be a forever thing.  It can be educational and can help you reach your goals and give you structure.  You can dip in an out of it.

If you do have  tendencies to become obsessive then tracking is not for you otherwise if you want to it could help.

What do you think of tracking and have you used another app other than my fitness pal??

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