Do you need help to beat the bloat?

Bloating is normal

Fact – we fart on average 20 times a day 😆

It’s actually very normal to get some form of bloating throughout the day.

Doctors seem to hand out the IBS diagnosis very easily.

A good nutritionist will check the following first

Are you drinking a lot of carbonated drinks?

Are you chewing gum and swallowing air?

You may have an intolerance to some artificial sweeteners, usually words ending in ol such as xylitol and sorbitol

Are you eating a lot of gas producing foods such as beans, legumes, cauliflower?

Not chewing your food – me!

Eating large meals to fast – me!

Not eating regular enough – try smaller meals more often

Drinking too much alcoholAre you stressed – our gut feels our emotions!

Did you go from eating barely any fibre to a lot of fibre?

Change in diet – this needs to happen slower

Limit fruit juices

Do you drink a lot of caffeine? Limit this it aggravates your stomach

Does it happen around your period time only?

Other things that help with bloating

Avoiding tight clothing around the stomach

Stay hydrated

Focus on soluble fibre foods such as oats, flax, potatoes and peas

Movement and activity

Reduce your stress

Take a peppermint Oil capsule – not a long-term Solution and for no more than 1 month

It’s not normal however for this to be painful and consistent. Or to have a big change in bowel habits. Or blood in your stool. If you have eliminated all of the above and you are still concerned go to see you GP.

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4 thoughts on “Do you need help to beat the bloat?

  1. Stress is definitely one of my triggers! My empathic nature pulls it all in. Going mostly vegan seemed to make a big difference with regular modified fasting has finally got me better controlled than I have been in 20 years! I love how you are asking questions to get people thinking! That the whole basis of my holistic blog too!


    1. I agree with the stress, people forget about relating the too and go straight to blame food types. There is so much evidence that eating more variety of plants is great for our health so that could be why going vegan has helped.
      Thank you for commenting 😀

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