Can you build muscle and lose fat at the same time?

As I am trying to build muscle a common question for me is why do you need to eat in a calories surplus to do that? Can you do that without eating in a surplus?

The answer – I possible could but it would be harder. That is specific to me though. The answer is very different for all of us.

If you have a lot of body fat to lose and you are new to resistance training, then it’s very likely you will build muscle and lose fat if you are in a calorie deficit and you are eating adequate protein.

As you lose fat though and have less to lose it will become harder to build the muscle which is where a calorie surplus comes in.

This is where I am at. I have been training for years and I actually don’t want to lose any fat as I have a healthy amount for me. I want to give my muscles enough energy to do what it needs to to grow.

The surplus does not need to be 500 calories as some calculators suggest. I have started with 10% of my maintenace calories. I am eating a lot but feeling great for it and I am seeing the benefits in the gym, my recovery and sleep.
I will gain some fat but over the 12-week period it will not be a lot.

Know this – 7700 calories is 1 kg of fat. I will need to eat that over my maintenace calories to put that amount of fat on. My surplus calories are 200 extra per day. Thats 16800 calories over the 12 weeks. So, I may put on 2kg in fat. It’s not as clear cut as that but it’s a guide.

I hope that helps if anyone is doing the same and scared to put on a load of fat. It is to be expected but it doesn’t need to be a lot. Once you have grown your muscle you can then lose the little fat you put on and keep the muscle.

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