Wondering where your gainz are?

How much muscle will I gain?

Sad fact – muscle building is even slowly a process than fat loss.

Happy fact – but the process is so much fun! Zero restriction, lots of food, lifting weights, better sleep and feeling more energetic.

It’s likely that I will only gain 0.4 of a pound of muscle per month if I’m lucky. That will be 1.2 pounds of muscle in my 12-week programme. I’m not sure if that will be visible? We will see.

I want to talk hypertrophy

What is it?In a nutshell it is building muscle through training, usually resistance training.
You may have heard of hypertrophy training; this is what I am doing. Pushing your muscles to the point where they tear, repair then grow.

It’s advised to build some real noticeable muscle you need at least 6 months in this phase. 

Things that effect this process are

  • Adherence to your training programme
  • Genetics – some people build easier than others
  • Nutrition intake – such as protein, feedings and having enough energy/calories to help the process
  • Your current amount of muscle and body fat status 
  • The volume and loading of your training 
  • Recovery/rest and sleep – muscles are not just built in the gym 
  • If you are already well trained or not

Newbie gains – if you are new to training or have had a long break you can build muscle much quicker, probably around 1lb a month. Someone who is reasonable training a maybe 0.5-0.6lb per month.

Building muscle is the best thing you can do for your health! (Mmmm maybe except quitting smoking 😜) If you are thinking of switching from fat loss to hypertrophy, then do it! You will likely lose fat in the process if you have a good coach advising you and depending on your current physique. 🙋‍♀️

Message me for help!

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