Muscle protein synthesis

I talk about muscle protein synthesis a lot (MPS from now on) and I realised that I assumed everyone knows what this is.  

So, what is it?

You build muscle with resistance training and protein.

MPS is the process in which protein is produced to repair the muscle after the exercise.  Protein is the building block of the muscle.

The opposite of this is muscle protein breakdown (MPB), This happens natural as we age ☹but also happens when we work out.

If MPS is greater than MPB then we will see muscle growth.

How do we make sure MPS is higher than MPB?

We eat protein that includes all the essential amino acids, usually animal protein but soy products are great to.  This amount varies per person but as a general rule at least 20-30g of protein will spike MPS.

What is the anabolic window?

This is where you will see the bro’s drinking their protein shakes as they walk out the gym. It has been suggested that if you don’t eat the right amount of protein and carbs in a 30-minute window of workout then you won’t see your gainz.  This is not supported by any evidence at all.  In fact, many studies show that within 1-2 hours is fine.  What is really important is to spread your protein feedings across 4-5 meals a day.  Each at least 20-30g per feeding.

What is this about Leucine?

Leucine is one of those essential amino acids (also a branch chain amino acid) you need. It is vital for muscle building and repair. It gets complicated but unless you are a body builder just make sure you get some leucine in your post workout protein feeding. Your whey protein shake, or chicken breast will suffice. Other high leucine foods are beef, pork and tuna.

Do I need carbs for MPS?

Erm, it depends what studies you read.  I would say at this point there is no evidence to support that eating carbs can help with MPS directly.  However, indirectly eating carbs will benefits your workouts meaning you will have the energy to go harder, and you will recovery better eating carbs after a workout.  I will say yet, eat the carbs! 

Take away

Eat 4-5 times a day

Eat 20-30g per feeding

Get some Leucine in there

Eat carbs

I hope that helps 😊

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