Alcohol and muscle growth

Not 100% yes but I am swaying towards a yes both directly and indirectly.

Let me explain

Directly it is thought that alcohol can decrease muscle protein synthesis and reduce the production of testosterone. However, there is a study (Molina-Hidalgo et al. (2020) which shows that moderate amounts of alcohol (up to 36g for men and up to 24g for women) did not impair adaptations. There is other research that high consumption of alcohol (3-5 drinks) can impact muscle protein synthesis. So, if the research is not equivocal let’s go to experience.

In-directly – we know that too many drinks result in shit night sleep, lower motivation the next day, rubbish workout and that’s if you make it to the gym and poorer food choices. All impacting your gains. Even 1 or 2 drinks can affect your sleep, so it doesn’t even need to be excessive.

As always moderation is needed. If you are easily affected by alcohol (me)! and you have muscle gain goal then its best to skip it. If you do drink, try to work it around your rest days so it doesn’t impact you so much the next day.

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