Muscle memory

It’s true!

Muscle memory is a thing

Research is in the early stages however it is thought that the genes in the muscle remember therefore you can gain that strength back fairly quickly. Great news for you guys in lockdown and the gym being closed.

I am doing a 12-week plan to build muscle, but I know it takes much longer. The reason I only have 12 weeks is because I have a holiday and then I am having surgery that will mean I can’t train for 4-6 weeks 🙁

I am relying on my muscle having a great memory, so it won’t take me long to get back to wear I am pre-surgery.

How much I will lose varies on each individual, it may not even be a lot.

Calories – It will depend on my energy intake, so if I am eating in a calorie deficit, I may lose more muscle.

Protein intake – if I go for the higher end this will help me hold onto some muscle and help with my recovery post op.

My activity – so if I am totally inactive (which I won’t be) I would lose more muscle than if I was more active. I will keep taking my creatine to help slow down muscle protein breakdown.

Creatine – I will continue to take this as it will help to slow down muscle protein breakdown.

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