Feel fuller for longer

Who doesn’t??

There are some very easy ways to be more satisfied from your food.

  1. Eat more fiber – fiber is more filling and vegetables are low in calories, they can really bulk out a meal with lots of veg and salad. They take longer to digest making us feel fuller for longer.
  2. Protein – adding protein to a meal has proven to be more satiating, we feel more satisfied after the meal
  3. Eat your food don’t drink it – They may be convenient and nutritious (sometimes) but whoever stayed full until lunch off a smoothie?
  4. Hydration – Try this, next time you get your afternoon energy slump and think you are hungry have a big glass of water.
  5. Eat mindfully – really enjoying your food, taking your time and being present can make all the difference to how you feel about what you just ate, give it a go!

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