What would you say to your younger self?

What I wish I had known 10 years ago
That weight training rocks – I was a cardio bunny.  I thought if I did 60 minutes cardio a day, I would get the body I wanted.   Turns out that lifting weights has done that.

Energy balance – I just thought if I ate 1000 calories a day, I would lose weight. Turns out it will just give you issues with your relationship with food!

That sleep is everything – In my 20’s if I would either get 3 hours sleep or 12 hours sleep a night. Nonconsistency, no routine and no education as to why it was important. Now I know!

What NEAT was – that your incidental exercise is where we will get the biggest calories burn over the course of the day. The number of times I hit the gym for a sweat sech only then go home and sit on my butt all day.

The alcohol was the devil – I know this now, I’m still dealing with it, but I am lots better. My life’s productivity would have been way more without alcohol. I understand now how it affects me.

Comparison will bring nothing but misery – I know I will never have Beyonce’s curves, I’m just not built like that. I will keep having fun trying though.

That plants are delicious – I reckon 10 years ago I was eating only 1-2 fruits a day, probably no veg, maybe some wholegrains but probably only because I thought they were lower in calories. Knowing the nourishment and many health benefits eating plants can bring has transformed my whole diet (I do eat meat and dairy I just love plants)

What do you wish you had known 10 years ago?

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