Are you even doing it right?

This week I’m going to talk all things exercise, specifically weights!

Today we will talk about exercise order.

Let’s talk to beginners first

Get a PT! Even for 1 session. If this is not possible, here is a little of what you need to know.You should be focusing on the fixed weights (the machine weights) which help you learn the right technique whilst get a full range of motion, don’t be going straight for the barbel deadlift if you don’t know what you are doing (which is a lot of people). Also, bodyweight exercise without the weight, then once form is good progress to weighted. Aim for compound movements, this works multiple muscle groups at the same time. (see post for some ideas). Go large muscles to smaller muscles for order.

Intermediate and advanced

Free weights! Compound with the option for isolation (using one muscle). Train large muscle groups first then move onto the smaller muscle groups. Complex exercises first. The split you do can vary and is very goal dependent. It depends on how many training sessions you have a week and when you rest days are. For example, if you are training 3 days a week, full body workouts will be best. 5 days a week you may want to split it, maybe like 3 lower days and 2 upper days. See post for a couple of examples.

Send me questions if you any about your exercise order.

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