Rest up!

Often overlooked yet super important!
I’m not talking about sleep or rest days; I’m talking rest in between sets.

Why rest is important?

The right amount of rest depending on your training goal can produce different responses in the body, which mean different energy systems are used. For example – short rest periods are needed for muscle endurance as it will build up a tolerance to lactic acid. If you goal is to lift heavy for strength or power, then longer rest is needed to that energy system and nervous system can completely recovery and you go heavier in the next set.

Here is what is recommended between sets

Beginner – 1-2 minutes

Strength and power – 3-10 minutes

Hypertrophy – 30 seconds-3 minutes

Endurance – 10-30 seconds

Weight management – 30 seconds – 2 minutes

Add this into your session and see if it makes a difference to what you lift as if you are like me, you won’t be giving a long enough rest.

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