Get uncomfortable

A year ago just posting a picture like this would have made me uncomfortable. 

My muscle building progress update

I see this quote a lot and I completely agree with it. I think if you don’t push yourself out of your comfort zone then we are just staying still.
Here’s why I am out of my comfort zone at the moment. I’m 9 weeks into my muscle gain programme. I am gaining weight (not sure how much) and I am uncomfortable. I feel like it’s all fat and I’ve gained too much, I feel like everyone can see it. I want to go on a diet to lose it. I think I am just full. I have been on holiday, my NEAT has been lower, I’ve had a cold for a week and I feel puffy, I’m out of my routine and I have been eating way too much.

I know that this is a stage you go through when trying to gain muscle mass, I know I need to ride it. I need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Reminding myself as to why I am doing this is important.

I want to understand the muscle building process as I am very keen to work with clients wanting to gain muscle.

I have an operation coming up and I want to be strong, fit and healthier than ever so I recover quick. Having more lean body mass (more muscle less fat) results in a higher BMR (basal metabolic rate) stronger bones and being strong AF .

I will be 40 soon and I want to feel friggin awesome .

I want a butt!

I think I need to have some days at maintaince to reduce my Puffiness then rethink my calorie surplus. My maintaince is 2200-2300, my surplus was 2450 but I reckon I’ve been eating 2600-2700 on average for the last couple of weeks. Hence the sudden uncomfortableness.

Back to basics

Consistency, Adherence to calories and protein Sleep/rest/recover and smash my training plan!

Easy right!

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