This is the most important part of the diet! You need to learn to keep it off. The problem with most diets is that they don’t actually educate you on how you are losing the weight therefore you don’t know what to do once you have finished it.

All fat loss diets come down to a calorie deficit. Every single diet! Even keto, even slimming world and weight watchers.

Once you have finished your diet you need to find your energy balance/maintenance calories.
This means you are taking in a similar amount of energy (calories) than you are burning so your weight stays the same.

My top tips for this are
. Do this slowly – most diets create a 500 calorie deficit (unless it’s really extreme) bring your calories back up slowly – start with 100-200 per week until you find your happy place

. Don’t reduce your activity- if you want to then know that you will be burning less so may not need to eat as many calories more to find you maintenance – build up slowly as above

. Be ok with weight fluctuations – you may gain a tiny bit of weight to begin with, this could be because you are eating more carbs, higher fibre foods or have a higher salt intake.

. The 80/20 rule – make 80% of your foods nutritious and the other 20% for the foods that make you happy, no restrictions here!

Once you have done that you are here! You can stay here forever, it’s a nice place to be!

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