Eat the egg!

Let’s put the Easter egg calories into perspective.
Are you worried that Easter is going to derail your progress?

The last thing you should do it totally restrict yourself from eating Easter chocolate if you really want it.

It will make you feel miserable and restricted and you could end up having a binge on either chocolate or something else you have been restricting.

Here’s an idea. Instead of eating ALL the eggs why don’t you eat 1 Easter egg. Go buy yourself your favourite Easter egg and decide when you will eat it. If that’s all in 1 go, do it. If it’s over 3 days then do it. It doesn’t matter, enjoy it. Easter is once a year.

Let’s say you get a caramilk egg. It’s actually only 900 calories. If that 900 calories makes you go into an energy surplus (aka gain weight/fat) then that is only 150g on the scales. Which you may or may not see. That’s only if you have eaten more than you burn that day.

Here’s another idea – let’s not weight ourselves over Easter!

Enjoy the egg!

Happy Easter xx

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