Faster cardio!

What is fasted cardio?

When you train on an empty stomach, usually first thing in the morning.

What people think it is?

Most think if they train with no food in them that they will burn more body fat

What actually happens?

You burn more dietary fat not body fat. The body likes to use carbs as a source of fuel before anything else but if there are no carbs to use it will go to the fat that you have eaten instead for energy. I’m afraid this does not mean that you will lose more body fat.
The same rule still applies to lost body fat – you must create an energy deficit (AKA calories deficit) to lose fat.

So why should I train fasted?

If you like too then do it. If I am running, I always train with just a coffee in me, only because I will get stitch if I eat. If I am lifting, I will eat as I perform better. It’s a personal preference.

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