Do carbs make you fat?

People still think this and it’s not dying! Keto is making this myth worse.


What does make you gain fat is eating in a calorie surplus. Eating more than you burn. This can be done with fat, protein or carbs, THEY ARE ALL JUST CALORIES. Stop blaming the carb!

Here’s the thing about carbs. Most people associate all carbs with cakes, biscuits, chocolate, white bread and crisps. These foods are not just carbs, they are also usually high fat too and they delicious making them easy to over consume. Overeating also contributes to that bloat we all complain about making you feel fat. This is why you connect carbs with feeling fat.

How many of you have said I only need to look at a carb and gain 5 kgs 😂 (I do hope you know this is impossible)
Here’s what carbs should be considered as

  • An energy source that our body actually loves to use over anything else
  • Fiber packed which our gut loves – plants, plants, plants – eat your fruit and veg
  • Wholegrain carbs – full of micronutrients making us feel great and again gut loving

Never do a diet that tells you not to eat fruit and veg – I promise you they do not have your health in mind!

If you are not eating your carbs its highly likely you not pooing either. This means you are full of shit by choice 😂 Fiber supplements are not the same as food!

If you do go low carb and you feel better from it ask yourself this. Is it because you cut out all carbs or is it because you cut out high processed foods? It’s usually the latter. Add in some wholegrain carbs slowly and see how you feel.

I eat 250-300g of carbs a day most days and I feel great of that. Everyone is very different, some will tolerate less, some more. It can depend on your activity levels; it can also depend on the carb of choice and how your body responds to it. (example to many chickpeas are a no go for me)

Carbs to priorities – beans, lentils, pulses, potatoes with skins, wholegrain rice/pasta, fruit and veg
Remember – fat loss is about creating an energy/calories deficit NOT a total carb ban.

Want to be healthy – you need to eat your carbs!

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4 thoughts on “Do carbs make you fat?

    1. I don’t think you need to give up the sugar though. I plan in something I love everyday so I don’t feel restricted. I’ve had a chocolate bar every day this week. It could be crisp or anything you love. We just have the moderate, I know that bloody word 😆

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      1. Aghhhh moderation … my Achilles heel! Am trying a new approach starting today. Each day I am giving myself an achievable healthy eating goal for one day only. Today is ‘no chocolate or sweets’. Tomorrow might be ‘5 fruit and veg’. I gave up drinking by sticking with one day at a time. I feel one day is achievable for most things in terms of diet. It’s the long term ‘restrictive’ nature I can’t cope with.

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