Is it only about calories?

As always in nutrition nothing is straight forward. However, yes this is the principle of fat loss. If you want to lose weight this is what you need to do.

However, there are lots of other things that indirectly can affect this principle. Therefore, other factors that matter!

This post will be too long to go into detail about each one but I’m sure I will have covered each one at some point so I will link them in my stories.

Here is a list, feel free to message if you feel any of these are stopping you from reaching your goals.

  • Hormones – thyroid, PSOC, Insulin resistance, PMS – to name a few
  • Metabolic adaptations – yo-yo dieters, competitors, athletes, eating disorders – again to name a few
  • Genetics – can make weight loss harder
  • Medications you are on
  • Stress – so underrated when it comes to impact on fat loss
  • The diet quality – impacts how you are feeling, energy levels, reduced NEAT
  • Mental Health – too much to say 

This list could go on.
If you have tried to diet through a calorie deficit and it’s not working for you and you fall under one these things listed, chances are you need a little more help/support to get there.

I know a really good Nutritionist!!

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