Fun facts!

Some random stuff about me.

One of the things that every single IG course will tell you is to put yourself out there more so your audience can connect with you and get to know you.

So here we go.

I always go to the first toilet cubicle in public toilets as I think it gets used the least

I always have a rucksack on my back, always. I only own 1 handbag

I have an awesome 9-year-old daughter who does cool shit with me
I have been underweight, overweight, unfit, overtrained and had serious body dysmorphia

I am happy 90% of time but I am a grumpy bitch when I am tired

I am a bad speller, it’s not that I am bad it more laziness as I am always in a rush and tend to not check my work

I am getting more introvert as I get older, I am happiest at home with the fam or in small groups

I hate awkwardness and silence; I get very uncomfortable and start talking a load of shit

I could live off peanut butter easily and be happy

I put myself under so much pressure and it usually because I feel people expect more of me, I don’t know where this comes from

I’m from the UK, been in Oz 5 years. I miss my people a lot.

I frigging love Nutrition and anything to do with health

Tell me a random fact about you?

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