Who selfish?

Let me explain.

Once upon time I was mum of a little girl and all I did was make sure she ate right, slept enough, had nice clothes and was happy. This is called being a mum, right? So wrong. I forgot to do all those things for myself.

Fast forward some years and I now make sure I do all those things for myself before I look after anyone else.

Oh, you selfish cow I hear you say.

When I prioritized other things over my own health, I was grumpy, irritated, short tempered, holding more fat than I wanted to and I wasn’t that happy. This affected all of my relationships. Letting friend down, sick days at work, arguments with my husband or having no patience with my daughter.

Another example for this is work. Not for me personally but a common reason why people don’t look after themselves is they work too much, or they choose to work too much. They choose this over their health.

If you focused on your health over work, you might see how much more productive, positive minded and energetic you are at work. You may be able to concentrate better and get more done in a shorter space of time.

My point?
Being selfish is actually a self-less thing to do. If you are feeling your best, then everyone around you gets your best. If your happy then you make other around you happy. You inspire people. You can motivate people.

We could all do with being a little selfish.

I say start being selfish today 🙂

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