We need to think about our actions!

Goal – Fat loss

What are you doing consistently to help you get there?

Binge drinking – does this align with your goal?
Takeaway for the 2nd time that week – does this align with your goal?Skipping the planned gym session 2 days in a row – does this align with your goal

These are examples but also common examples of how our week gets derailed by the decisions we make. Doing something once is not ruining all your hard work but consistently doing it will form a new habit, bad or good.

It doesn’t have to be fat loss, it could be any goals

Sleep goal – to get into a routine and go to bed every night

Staying up to binge Netflix – does this align with your goalScrolling through the phone in bed – does this align with your goal

Do you see?

What do we need to do? We need adult ourselves better. We need to ask these questions to our actions. If you still decide to go ahead and do the thing that isn’t in line with your goal, then you are accountable to it. You made that decision.

Try it today, question your actions. I will too 🙂

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