I turned 40!

Yesterday I turned 40! I had the best friggin day! Hot air balloon ride at dawn, facial at noon, new tattoo, drunk on verve at 3 then Italian meal with the fam!

It got me thinking about where I am and how bloody happy I am which then got me thinking that it didn’t come without risk.

When I turned 30 I was pregnant, scared for the change in my life to come and had a job I hated 🥴 I remember being gutted I couldn’t celebrate my birthday without getting pissed. I was also very bored in general.

We take risks everyday but some are more significant than others. Here are a couple I took.

At 34, me my husband and 4 year old daughter moved to the other side of the world, not knowing anyone, never even been to the country but I just knew this would be my home. I was right.

Recent risk – I just left a job where I was earning really great money to take another job that I won’t earn the same money for a while. I have to know that I will get there. I left the other job because I was bored! (Theme here 😆)

New risk – 9 years ago I had breast implants and in 2 weeks I’m having them taken out! The risk – what if I hate them like I did before? What I have to think is this so I can be healthy and I don’t need them for my confidence anymore.

I spent my 20’s getting pissed

I spent my 30’s getting my shit together (with a little more getting pissed)

My 40’s prediction? Buy a house by the beach, watch my girl turn into a women, drink coffee, take the dog for beach walks, work in a job I love so it doesn’t feel like work, live a simple life! Sleep enough. Oh and buy a camper!

Here’s to 40 being the new 30 🥰

#takingbigrisks #risk #wholehealthwithemma

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