Who procrastinates?Who puts things off then never does them?

How many times a day do we do things we don’t want to do?

How many times a day do we not do things we know we have to do?

We don’t do them due to fear of the unknown, the what if’s or sometimes just laziness.

I sometimes write massive to do lists then it overwhelms me.

I wanted to share a tactic with you that works for me, it also works with my husband too.
It’s so easy.

Before you do what you have been putting off just count 54321 one and do it. Don’t think about it just count and do it.

Putting off a phone call? 54321 do it

An awkward conversation? 54321 call them over ( no going back then)

Don’t want to go to the gym? 54321 get up and go.

I promise it works. It does for me. No thinking just does it.

I’m sure there are loads more tactics like this, does anyone else have one to share??

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