Monday weigh in!

Who put on weight this weekend?

You jumped on the scales on Friday and it said 70kg
Monday morning weight in – 73kg

WHAT????!!!!!!! So not fair!!

Actually, you did drink 2 bottles of wine, ate a kebab at 2am and then had maccas on Sunday.

I am here to give you good news. That 3kg is not fat.

Here is why.

2 bottles of wine, kebab and macaca’s – let’s say – 4000 calories extra over the weekend. That is on top off your Maintenace calories (which let’s say is 2000) So 4000 extra calories this weekend putting you in a calorie surplus.

There are 7700 calories in 1kg of fat. This is important to understand and will change how you view the scales.

For you to put 3kg of fat on over the weekend you will have needed to eat 23,100 extra calories on top of your Maintenace calories of 2000 per day. Total of 29,100 over 3 days, 9700 each day.

Unless you did that then know that you did not gain 3kg of fat.

What is that 3kg – it’s just a bit of fat (maybe half a kilo), extra water due to the higher carb content and probably food that is still in you and hasn’t come yet.

It’s likely if you eat as you normal today most of that weight will be gone to tomorrow.

The scales are not a great indicator of progress in the short term.

My advice – never weigh yourself on a Monday!!

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