Can we always blame our hormones?

I know we want to, it’s so easy to blame everything on our hormones. Sometimes it is our hormones, specifically if you are going through the menopause or are pregnant include pre and post.

I’m tired – I must be due on my period

I’m irritated – its PMS

I’m putting on weight – it must be my thyroid

Stressed – cortisol level must be shot at

We do this because it’s nice to name how we are feeling, it makes us feel better to blame something. Truth is these things could be down to a number of reasons.

Our hormones are all part of the endocrine system. This system does a really great job at balancing our hormones. That’s what it’s for.

There is no diet, smoothie, potion or special food that can do this for us. Just like detoxing, that’s what our liver is for. I know we want to believe there some magic solution to balance our hormones but there is no evidence to support this.

Sometimes however there can be a problem. If you think this is the case, then you go to the docs to get tested. If you can then rule it out, move on and get the bottom of why you are feeling the way you are all the time.

Estrogen, Progesterone, Thyroid, Cortisol to name only a few but these are the ones that pop up a lot.

If there are no problems once you have visited a doctor, then have a look at your lifestyle.

Are you sleeping enough?
Age – could it be that you are just changing as you get older?
Could you be pregnant?Are you more stressed than usual?
Have you had surgery or an injury lately?
Are you yo-yo dieting?

I am personal struggling with brain fog/memory loss, more so recently. Could it be my hormones? Sure! I am also asking myself other questions to. It’s important to keep an open mind so that you can actually rule things out along the way and not just blame the hormones all the time.

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