Do you have breast implants?

Just over 9 years ago I had a breast uplift and implants

Tomorrow I am having them removed.

Never in a million years when I had the surgery done, did I think nearly 10 years later I would hate them and just want them out.

Hers is a little back story.

I loved my breast implants for 8 of those years but I noticed them change. They went harder, which I thought was because I was training my chest more, so the muscle was pushing them out. They started to look faker and they were waking me up a lot in the night as sleeping on my front was a no-no. It was way to uncomfortable. I went to the doc’s, has an ultrasound, found lumps under armpit, went for biopsy and had a mammogram, turns out my lymph nodes don’t like my implants. It was here I decided I wanted them out although it wasn’t medically necessary.

I went to see a surgeon about getting them removed, he said that it is medically necessary as I have capsular contracture which means my implants will cause me a lot of pain eventually and I will be a good candidate to go on the programme botched! (Ok I made that bit up) but my breast will start to look disfigured. Nice!

This surgeon has also made me aware of a condition called breast implant illness. It’s being studied to hell at the moment but hundreds of thousands of women are having there implants out and feeling a thousand times better. Symptoms such as fatigue, food allergy, skin condition, severe brain fog (er hello), hair loss to only name a few. I am hoping to take part in the study.

I am sharing this as I know so many women who have implants that are over 10 years old, even if you haven’t noticed any changes go get them checked out, it might be the best thing you do for your health if not then just peace of mind.

Share or send on to any friends you know who may mentioned anything to you lately.

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