Nutrition post surgery

Nutrition tricks to help recovery from surgery.

There are things we can do to speed up recovery. Unfortunately, it’s not eat like a pig and binge on chocolate and crisps. (shame though)
Here’s where I will focus

To heal wounds we need adequate protein, compete proteins which means that they need to include all the essential amino acids. This is mainly from animal products but also includes some plants sources such as soy. Whey protein is the best!

Creatine – usually i can be really haphazard with this, but I have put it right next to the kitchen sink to remind as I just usually shot it. Why creatine? It will help reduce muscle atrophy (muscle loss) whilst I am immobile. I have spent so much time trying to build muscle I want to hang on to as much as I can.

After surgery your immune system is super weak, water can help keep the infection away.

Nutrient dense foods

I will be eating lots of eggs, different colored veg and fruit and whole grains. This is so I am getting all the vitamin I need to help me, and my immune system get me better.

Non-nutritionWatching lots of films and getting people to do things for me 🙂

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