How is your body image?

We all have one. Some have a great body image that they are happy with but unfortunately a lot of women have a real issue with their body image. I have struggled with this all of my adult life.

The last couple of years I have been so much more comfortable with accepting who I am.

Accepting that I will never look like anyone else, that we are all so different and that’s ok.

Up to a few years ago I would exercise to burn calories, since I got into lifting weights, I now train for strength, overall health and confidence. Having that shift in mindset has helped my body image immensely.

This week I am taking a small step backwards.

As you know, this week I had my implants removed and I have been left with not much. In fact, so much less than I was expecting. It’s a huge change for me to get used to. However, I am ok, I know that I am healthier for it and that my scars are just part of my life journey, just like my c-section scar.
The biggest thing I have been working on for my body image is to stop comparing myself to others.

If I am honest, I think I wanted the implants for acceptance from others, isn’t that silly? Constantly chasing that perfect body. Truth is we never find it as it doesn’t exist.

This is how I am learning to think and its helping.

My body is strong

I am fit and healthy

My body does what I need it to do I will always look after it to the best of my ability

Love what I have

To not think about what others are thinking

Accepting your body is hard but we can do it if we keep trying. I am going to embrace my new look, I have to, what’s the alternative? To hate myself again. No thanks!

I also want to say that its ok to want to change your body too. If that’s for aesthetic reasons for health reasons. I will always be chasing glute gains but I also like the gluts I have now 🙂

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