Soy – should we are shouldn’t we?

Should we fear soy?

Does it give us breast cancer?

Does it mess up our hormones?

Old studies that were actually conducted on rats is where this fear of soy came from. New studies on actual humans say we can consume 2-3 servings of soy products per day very safely.

So, what is the deal with soy?

Soy contains Isoflavones which are plant estrogens, high level of estrogens has been linked to breast cancer, this has now been disproven. Also, food sources of soy don’t contain even near enough to increase the risk of cancer.

Benefits of soy
It’s a complete protein and there are not lots of complete vegan sources of protein so it’s a must in a plant-based diet. They also contain lots of important nutrients such as magnesium and calcium. Eating Soy products is also linked to lesser menopausal symptoms and can also improve fertility.

So according to the recent research no we shouldn’t fear it, it doesn’t give us breast cancer and it will not mess up our hormones.

Did you know soy is in 60% of our foods without us even know it! Crazy!

So trying to avoid it completely would be difficult.

Other soy sources are

Tofu, Soy milk, soy beans, edamame and tempeh.

A great podcast to listen to on this is Food for thought by Rhiannon Lambert, series 11. Is soy healthy or harmful, it’s a really good listen if you are interested in this subject.

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