Don’t know where to start with a fat loss diet?

Each day this week I will do a post that will help you start a fat loss plan so save this post. These are the basics, they are not that sexy, they don’t cost anything, and it works if you can adhere and be consistent.

To start
You need to find a calorie deficit that is specific to you and it’s not 1200 calories!

Here’s how.

You need to find your TDEE – total daily energy expenditureGo to It will ask you age, weight, height and activity level.

Use this guide to work out your activity level based on steps per day (do not use how many times your exercise as directed on the website)

Up to 5,000 steps per day – Sedentary
5,000 – 8,000 steps per day – light exercise
8,000 – 10,000 steps per day – moderate
10,000 – 12,000 steps per day – heavy exercise
12,000 + steps per day – athlete

It will also ask for your body fat % – only fill this is if you know it. Leave blank otherwise.

Press calculate and there you have your TDEE (aka your maintenance calories)

Now we need to create a deficit. Start by taking 20% of this number. Example – TDEE calories are 2200 minus 20% = 1800

Start here with this number for 4 weeks. If you are losing weight on this number, then stick with it and re-assess every 2-4 weeks.

This is a healthy calorie deficit; it is not too extreme and as its not to low you have more chance to be consistent and adherent. At this deficit you are likely to lose 1.5-2kg over the first 4 weeks.

Tip – use my fitness pal (or similar tracking app) to track your calories.

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