What should you eat?

What should you eat?

It’s true, you can eat junk all day and if you are still in a calorie deficit you will still lose weight. However, you will be hungry all the time, you will look and feel like shit and that’s not the goal.

Let’s forget about clean foods. Let’s think notorious and less nutritious foods.

80% nutritious foods – this means different colored fruit and vegetable, complex carbs such as wholegrains including bread, pasta, rice, beans, legumes and lentils. Lean proteins and dairy.

Aiming for 5-10 fruits and veg per day
Tip – fill half your plate with veg/salad/fruit20-30g of protein per meal

20% soul foods – you can have that chocolate bar, glass of wine, packet of crisps absolutely guilt free.  This will not ruin your diet as long as you are still in that calorie deficit.  Having this 20% will help you feel less restricted, help you stick with your plan and be happy. 

Hydrate – make sure your pee is a pale yellow colour, if not you need more water

To break this down calories wise.
Say you are on 1800 calories per day
1440 calories on higher nutritious foods
360 calories on soul foods – that could be a small glass of wine and a chocolate bar šŸ™‚

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