Why we should have a step goal!

You need a step goal.


As we go into a calorie deficit we naturally want to move less. We are taking in less energy (calories) so our body will want to expend less energy. You may not even notice that you are moving less but it will make a difference, moving less than you predicted when setting your calories will mean you may not be in that 20% deficit.

That’s why keeping out NEAT up (non-exercise activity thermogenesis AKA incidental exercise) with a step goal is a good way to make sure we are not being lazy without realizing.
Recent studies suggest that a minimum of 8,000 steps per day is a great start for our health.

Have 8,000 as a minimum if you can.However, if this is easy then challenge yourself. If you naturally do 8,000 then set a 10,000-step goal.
Guide – 2000 steps is about a 20-minute walk.
Whatever your steps are naturally add 2,000 to it.
Make sure your step goal reflects in your calories as discuss in Monday’s post when doing your TDEE. More movement more calories 🙂

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