Food choices

Low calorie does not mean healthy

How many times have you chosen a low-calorie so-called diet food over a more nutritious food because it had less calories and the said you are being healthy?

A low-calorie jelly instead of an apple for exampleMargarine spread instead of avocado 🥑
It’s so common.

These low-calorie foods can have a place in our diets as long as we are not always choosing them over getting in the more nutritious foods.

If you are on a fat loss diet you have to keep food quality in mind.

You will feel better because you will be getting more micronutrients, therefore In turn your energy and sleep will be better. This will help you keep your movement up; help you get to the gym and continue to make better food choices. You will lose more weight.

Eat crap and you will feel crap! Less get up and go therefore less activity, tiredness making you reach for those quick higher processed foods.

Eat some plants!!!

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