We need the fat!

We are constantly trying to ditch all the body fat.
You need to know that we actually need to hold on to some.

Why? Our hormone health!

Hormones are basically messengers that regulate processes in our body. I’m not just taking about estrogen but also other very important hormones such as insulin (the hormone that manages our blood sugar levels), leptin (the hormone that tells us we are full), ghrelin (the hormone that tells us we are hungry). If you go too low, it upsets the balance.

However, too much body fat can also affect our hormones too. We all respond differently to differently levels of body fat but there is a general guide for health.

Essential fat needed – 10-13%
This is still very lean. Any lower than this then chances are you could lose you period, feel like shit, low energy and very grumpy. You will get sick a lot.

Acceptable to be classed as healthy – 25-32%

32% is classed as obese – you may start to see or develop health issues here

Not many people know their body fat % and there are no 100% accurate ways to measure it. A Dexa scan or skin calipers are best probable, not those machines in your gym.

Unless you are a bikini competitor there is no need to aim for that type of leanness. Let’s just aim to be healthy 🙂

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