Chasing those abs!

Who’s been trying to get abs for years??

I had them once. I was a cardio bunny, it’s all I did. I would throw in some ab crunches too. I got super skinny and there were some abs there. I was 21. I think I had them for 2 days. I then ate a big meal and off they went. I went through a lot of sweat and hours exercise, 1000 calories a day to get those abs for my holiday. I was gutted they didn’t stick around. It was not worth it.

I’m not destined to have visible abs.

Some people can have abs easily. Genetics play a role here.
Most people have to try very hard. To get abs your body fat level needs to be at an average of 14% for women.

I no longer even think about getting abs. I train my core for the health benefits. I know that chasing those abs does not bring happiness and it’s not worth the journey to get there, for me. I mean who are we even trying to get abs for? I don’t think it was for me. Other people? Why?

If you are still chasing abs, think about your why? Is it worth it? How will you feel when you get them? What do you need to do to keep them?

Shift your thinking. Train your core because having a strong core can give you great balance and stabilize your body.

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2 thoughts on “Chasing those abs!

  1. I never really think visible abs are that attractive on women. A softer, fleshier appearance always seems more natural and I know many men who would say the same! Yoga is perfect for core .. it’s about strength and stability. I like that! Xx

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