Up until a few years ago I would only eat fruit and not many veggies at all. I could barely cook. I didn’t often cook from scratch except for the odd spag bol or Sunday roast. Sure, I knew veg had vitamins and fiber but to me they were just bland. I didn’t even know what a legume was.

Roll on 10 years and if I don’t get my veggie fix I feel I have done my body a disservice. That’s because I now know the why behind why we need to include them in our diets every day.
I am currently making a huge effort to eat more plants.

Let’s define what plant foods are – fruit, vegetables, legumes such as chickpeas and beans, nuts & seeds, wholegrains, spices, herbs and oils

There are many different opinions of what the plant-based whole food diet is.

Is it a vegan diet? No!
Is it a vegetarian diet? No!
Is it a clean diet? Lol what even is that 🙂

The plant based whole foods diet is where the majority (let’s say 80% because we like numbers) is made up of plant foods and not highly processed foods. Contrary to popular belief you can still include some dairy and some animal products.

The why?

Fiber – we need this for our gut health, to keep our bowels regular. Our gut is linked to so many things including our mental health. A healthy gut supports your immune system and reduce inflammation.
Micro vitamins – eating different colours of fruit and veg will give you a variety of vitamins. For example green is full of vitamin C, iron, vitamin K. Orange will give you vitamin A, C and potassium.

How to add plants to your current diet. Add spinach to any cooking sauce. Chop up extra veg extra fine and throw it in your bolognaise
Chop you your fave different coloured veg, sprinkle with paprika and cook in the air fryer

Eat the plants 🙂

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