Hold on the booze!

Ah alcohol.

My choice is a glass of white wine or a fizz.
It is so easy to fall into a habit of pouring a glass of your fave tipple every night. Tough day? Have a drink. Good day? Have a drink. Stressed? Have a drink. Happy? Have a drink. We really do use any excuse. Bored? Have a drink.

If your goal is to feel healthy, be healthy or your goal is fat loss then know this.

  1. 1 bottle of wine a day is around 700 calories, over the week 4900 extra calories a week. (that’s around 0.75kg)
  2. On top of that is the extra food you ate whilst drinking and the next day.
  3. It will affect your sleep.  Even though you think you slept ok there’s a high chance you didn’t and that’s why you feel so tired
  4. You will be irritable the next day therefore you will be less fun to be around – it will affect your relationships

I really could go on but that’s just 4 reasons not to drink every day during this lockdown.

Chances are you are reaching for that drink out of boredom. I nearly did it yesterday!

Before you do reach for the bottle ask yourself why. See you can talk yourself out of it, do something else.

Stressed? Take a nice bath. Go for a walk.Happy? Make a nice meal.Bored? Call a friend, watch your fave programme, play with your kids or dog.
You never regret not drinking the next day 🙂

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