Happy Anni to me!

Its Whole Health’s 1 year anniversary today!

What a year it’s been! I have worked with over 30 clients 121 on their Nutrition and lifestyle goals which isn’t bad to say I only do it 1 day a week. I have loved helping each client as they are all so unique, I have learnt so much.

I’ve also changed my mind 100 times on the direction I want my business to go.
So many of my clients wanted exercise advice which I am not qualified to give. I realised I could be a one stop shop and help them in more ways. I am about to qualify as a PT so I can also offer this service.

I have so many plans for my business that I’ve not even scratched the surface.

As a thank you for your support in the last year I am giving away my Nutrition guide. Its full of health info, useful tips and hopefully making it seem easier, which is always my aim.

DM me your email address if you would like me to send it over (if you are already on my email list you should have a copy sat in your inbox 🙂

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