The diet after the diet

AKA Maintenance!

This is the most important part of the diet!

You lost the weight, now you need to learn how to keep it off.  And it’s not by going back to your old habits.
Let me tell you a harsh truth.  You will never be able to go back to your old ways if you’re old caused you to be overweight in the first place..  This is how we get yo-yo dieters.

You will forever and ever have to manage your energy balance, eat your fruit and veg, stay hydrated, sleep the best you can and be active if you want good health and a stable weight.  Truth!  FOREVER SO JUST ACCEPT IT!
Here are some tips to help you avoid that weight gain once you have achieved your goal.

  • Bring your calories up by 10% each week until you hit your maintenance.  You will need to be weighing in to do this.  For example, your deficit calories were 1600.  Add 160 week 1, another 160 week 2 and so on.  Your weight will fluctuate due to the extra food volume and probably water from the extra carbs.  You may see a slight gain, this should settle. 
  • Once you hit a calorie amount and your weight is stable, you feel good, then this is most likely your maintenance, you can live here now!
  • If you are happy at these calories you must keep up that same step counts and workouts.  If you reduce this, you will be burning less calories and you weight will then start to gain again.  If you want to reduce you steps, then you must reduce your calories too.
  • Eat your plants!!

I have a couple of spots left for August, message me if you are keen 🙂

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