It’s the booze!!

I am one week into not drinking.

I know that’s not a lot to some but to me I am super proud, especially that I got through the weekend.

Last year I quit drinking for 6 months. It was hard at first, but it got easier. I felt amazing. Not drinking helped me get through my nutrition exams, helped me focus and get better sleeps. I also lost 3kg without trying.
No tracking calories
No cutting out carbsNo intermittent fasting
All I did was cut out drinking. Those calories add up without you even noticing.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I have been trying to lose a couple of KGs and it’s not been going to plan. I know it’s the booze. After one week my heart rate has dropped, my sleeps are deeper, I feel great, and I am making better choices.

I will try to not drink for 4 weeks but I’m just gonna roll with it and not put a time on it. I won’t be weighing myself either until after the 4 weeks.

I believe in balance; I believe in moderation. I know this contradicts that. We all want both those things, but sometimes we have to eliminate the thing that is bring us down for a while, once we get to where we want to be then moderation can be the next goal. Alcohol is something we do not need.

Tip – if fat loss is the reason, you halt the booze for a while, then do not replace it with anything, for example – alcohol free drinks that are high in calories. Or food.

4 thoughts on “It’s the booze!!

    1. I do have to add that with alcohol, moderation is sometimes just not an achievable goal for some. The purely addictive nature of the substance itself in addition to the psychological attachment can mean it is impossible for some to moderate it. Many of us Soberistas have tried and ended up back at square one, or worse. It’s a very different beast to food, in some ways easier because you can totally cut it out, but in many ways harder because it’s a addictive drug, not just because of our emotions tied up with it but because of what it contains. It is also mind altering and can therefore be more difficult to just have ‘one’ for many people. I’d love to moderate but I know I can’t. There is no point in even risking it for me! 💕💕

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      1. I 💯 agree with you about moderation, I’ve been struggling with it now for over a year, sometimes successfully and sometimes not. Its an on going challenge.
        It’s hard to do a post to reflect each individual so I have to do them with a broader approach. This post is to encourage people to think about how much they are drinking and if they do have a fat loss goal then maybe it’s a good idea to cut it out. Useless calories. Easier said than done for some but for the majority, 4 weeks off the booze is achievable and can really help with there fat loss journey. I hope you are well Claire, I miss reading your posts! Xx

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      2. Oh yeah .. I wasn’t disagreeing with your post. When I stopped i literally did it one day at a time because even one week was too scary. But I think some people actually find nothing at all easier than some. I also think food is really tricky because you have to learn to moderate with it. That’s so tough when moderation is not in your vocabulary … I wish there was a way around that one, but there isn’t!

        One thing that happened to me when I stopped drinking was I ate more foods high in sugar … that’s something to be mindful of! I now have quite a sugar addiction going on!! 😃

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