Have a little patience

We as humans expect immediate results.
Know this – Instant results are not going to happen.  You have to show up every day, take action.  You don’t have to be perfect, but action is better than no action.  One decision at a time.

That action can be anything that gets you closer to your goal and it needs to be consistent. For example, a step goal. I am always banging on to my clients to get there NEAT up! Why? If they are trying to lose fat then this goal is in place because it will create an energy deficit for them, if they don’t do it chances are that energy deficit is not as big. They won’t get the results they want.

Hit those non-negotiables consistently and you will get there! You have to be patient.

4 thoughts on “Have a little patience

  1. I’m going for patience this time around with my weight loss attempt. I’m food tracking and keeping calorie goals realistic and not seriously restricting one macro. If I maintain or lose half a pound each week then that’s great because I’m not on a diet that is torturous and soul destroying. It’ll take longer to achieve my goal but I’m more likely to get there I hope. So patience is key! X

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