My Mum!

My Mum!

I started working with my mum’s and her nutrition in November 2020. She is now halfway through her journey.

My mum has struggled with her weight for as long as I can remember. She’s done all the diets, all of which failed her.

My mum has some health struggles. She has type 2 diabetes which is lifestyle related. She has high blood pressure, and she has suffered with poor mental health on and off since I was born.
Her quality of food was poor, she was quite inactive, she was prone to binges, and her protein was very low.
Fast forward 6 months and my mum has lost 16kg!!! How amazing is that! It’s the best thing she could have done for her health, and I am so proud of her.

How did she do this?

We created a calorie deficit by focusing on better food choices and upping her movement. In the last 4 weeks my mum has started tracking her calories so she can learn more about the caloric values of food and portion control.

She is 64 years, and she has just started going to the gym. We put together a plan that will help you maintain/build some muscle which is so important as we age. She also has a step target she tries to reach every day.

She has a protein goal to reach daily as its important for her bone/muscle health, immunity and recovery.

She includes fruit and veg into every meal.
She went to the doctors the other day and her blood sugars have returned to normal therefore she is longer diabetic. She has more energy, and she is loving going to the gym, she goes with her granddaughter which is super cute.

She still has a little way to go but I know she will get there.

There are no excuses for her. She knows she has to do this for a better quality of life.
It’s amazing what having that extra support can do to help you reach your health goals.

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