Metabolism myths

Following on from my post yesterday.

I think its important to tell you about some well know myths in regards to things that boost your metabolic rate that we have all be saying to ourselves for years.

Myth – you must eat smaller meals and often
Truth – it doesn’t matter when you eat you meals

Myth – You must eat breakfast to kick start your metabolism
Truth – Nope, there is no evidence to support this

Myth – Eating after 8pm slows your metabolism.

Truth: Your metabolism has no idea if its 8pm or 8.05pm, it’s the calories over the day that matters, not the time.

Why? The thermic effect of food. This means that your body burns calories breaking your food down. So if you eat 2000 in 5 meals or in 1 meal it will still use the same amount of energy breaking it down. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is.

2 thoughts on “Metabolism myths

  1. Loving all the useful information you put out on your posts Emma! Your stories and posts give me motivation to be a healthier and happier person 🥰

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