Fear of processed foods!

Are you scared of processed food??

I once did this diet (I won’t name and shame as it’s a celebrity diet and it was 100 years ago). It was very strict. It was a meal plan, where they tell you exactly what to eat. I used to love ham. My friend was making me lunch one day and she said we are having ham, I said Oh no thanks, I can’t have ham on this diet. She laughed and said what kind of diet doesn’t allow one piece of ham.
I got all defensive as to me this diet was superior and working but I think I was mainly defensive because she was right, how ridiculous! I cant even have 1 piece of ham!

What is processed food? It is literally any food that has gone through a process. Milk, cheese, bread, anything canned including beans and pulses which are healthy right?

What is ultra-processed? Foods that have added ingredients such as fats, starches, added sugars, and hydrogenated fats. They may also contain additives like artificial colors and flavors or stabilizers. Things like shop bought ice cream, cakes, sausages, chicken nuggets.

We have to drop this fear that eating processed food will kill us. Processed foods are fine. Try to limit the ultra-processed foods to now and again.
Even if you are on a weight loss diet eating any type of processed food will not break that diet. You don’t just eat a piece of bread and gain weight; it doesn’t work like that. It’s practically impossible in to eat a so-called clean diet. If you are , are you happy? Are you socializing with your friend and family?

PS – wine also goes through a process to be wine. Eating “clean” all week then necking a bottle of wine, even if its organic does not mean you are a clean eater!

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