Eat your veggies

Veggies. Why don’t we eat enough veggies?

This reel isn’t specifically about kids not eating veg, she is just the only actor I had on hand. It about all of us not eating our veg. Most of my clients will say they don’t have time; they don’t know how. The thing is, we over complicate it and it’s so easy.

We don’t need to overhaul our whole diet, just add in the veg.

Here’s some tips.

Frozen veg
– buy lots of it, different colour’s and pop it in the freezer. Throw it in everything. You can add extra veg in curries, pie’s, pasta dishes etc.Tinned veg – so convenient. Again, add them to anything, peas and carrots are great for this!Get an air fryer – Throw in any veg with some herbs or spices, 10 minutes and you have roasted vegMake it fun – try a new veg every weekChuck it in a smoothie – google has 1000’s of recipes
My personal favorite at the moment – taco mix. It makes roasted veg taste great!

Look at your day of food today and see where you can add in veg.

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