Counting calories!

We talk about calories a lot, but what if you don’t want to count calories?

Its certainly not for everyone so here are some ideas to create a calorie deficit without counting.

Stop the snacking. Now I am a snacker, that’s ok if they are planned snacks However we tend to mindless snack. A handful of nuts here, some crisps there, a piece of toast whilst making dinner, that spoonful of peanut butter. They add up to 100’s of calories.


Skip breakfast
AKA intermittent fasting.  This is only achievable if you are genuinely not hungry in the mornings.  If you find yourself to be starving then overeating at lunch then this is not for you.  Skipping this meal can save you 400-500 calories a day, there is your deficit


Up the NEAT
I know I bang on about this but for good reason. Steps! Not just steps though just any movement. Doing 10,000 steps a day can help you burn around 500 calories a day (this totally depend on your weight). Whatever you are currently doing, if you can do more than do 😊


The plate method
This should get its own post. Its essentially filling half your plate with veg and salad, ¼ of your plate with a protein source and a ¼ with your carb of choice then add a healthy fat source if you don’t already have one included (for example Salmon would be a protein and a fat source) This is a very balanced plate and you should be filling satiated/full from this. Aim to do this 3 times a day and you are onto a winner and ticking all those nutrition boxes.

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